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Rugby world cup - pointview school room 3's favourites
Web2 favourites (not my favs) but useful link I think is "awesome"!!!Are you looking for positives to use in the class?How to appreciate the small things. Neil Pasricha started a blog and it is now a book. The webpage counts down from 1000, awesome things. Some may need vetting before reading to your class.

Neil wrote our email in his blog, our wiki had a spike of over 1000 visitors in one day! classes count down of Kids 100 awesome things.

Other Inspiration
Recently I had an email from Tony Ryan! I thought it was a joke at first too. But to my surprise it was actually was him. He tweeted about my classes thinking in their Kids 100 Awesome Things countdown. Here is a video of Tony from when I first was inspired by him at his Innovative teaching breakout, Ulearn09. I ditched one of the next breakouts I’d signed up for and went to his Thinkers Keys breakout too.


My class- Blog of the weekFeatured on Interface Magazine's website April 12 - 17 2011


My purpose initally in setting up this wiki was to have a place to store my ideas and favourite sites, for myself to use.
Now I also share with anyone who is interested, or needs something.
I am currently teaching an awesome class of year 2 students, at Waihi Beach School in New Zealand. I have been lead teacher at two schools and am always involved with ICT teams. This year I have the challenging job of looking after hardware.
I love living and working at the beach, it is a different way of life!
I have a Son who is 9.
He is lucky enough to go to Waihi Beach School.

My partner Jay McKechnie is a Science, Physics and Calc teacher at Waihi College (poor Zac had no chance 2 teachers as parents).
Jay is always giving me a hand when I have hairbrain ideas. Especially when it involves blowing stuff up!

Get a Voki now!

Voki website is fun and easy to use.
Keep an eye out for more popping up
in all of my websites!

And yes Zac my son is too cute!

Ka te pai Green Flame for the amazing Maori graphics.

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